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Expertise, Charisma, Connection


Elevate your event with the ideal speaker – look no further, your search ends here. We are available for live speaking engagements at global conferences, seminars, and industry events, as well as virtually.

With deep knowledge, enthusiasm, and curiosity, Zana delves into various subjects. She focuses on areas such as understanding consumer behavior, mastering effective leadership, UX psychology, enhancing employee and customer satisfaction, promoting wellbeing, and exploring the intricacies of the human mind and relationships.

Zana's diverse expertise makes her insights valuable for any audience. Her presentation style seamlessly integrates vibrant visual elements with meaningful content, ensuring that every moment is infused with excitement and engagement, leaving a lasting impression on every member of the audience.

Zana is an engaging speaker who is truly in her element when she takes the stage, captivating audiences at both local and international conferences and company events.
Keynote presentation

What People Are Saying


Thank you for doing a round of live interviews for BBC Radio. You were stupendous! You were mentioned in our morning meeting! Thanks again star!

Alex Grundon, Senior Producer, BBC News

Zana has a firm grasp of understanding what you want and creating the best solutions for your event – after all, she’s a psychologist!
You tell her what you want, she’ll deliver. It’s as simple as that.

Zana is available for live speaking engagements at global conferences, seminars, and industry events, as well as virtually. Call today to book Zana to speak at your event. Alternatively, you can contact her agent – The Speakers Agency.

A Snapshot of Topics

Highlighted below are some of the keynote presentation topics we offer. These themes serve as a springboard, offering a glimpse into the transformative discussions we ignite.


By collaborating closely with you, we craft bespoke presentations tailored to your event's essence, leaving a lasting impact and empowering delegates with actionable strategies for immediate implementation.

Mastering the Art of Connection

How to Create Meaningful Brand-Customer Relationships.

Use Emotions for Memorable UX Design 

 Elevating user experience with emotional design.

Increase Emotional Intelligence

Becoming Emotionally Affluent for Effective Leadership.

The Science of Emotional Loyalty

Why emotions are the currency for customer loyalty.

Wellbeing for Individuals and Teams

Strategies for employee satisfaction and productivity.

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