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Zana Busby, CBP, AssocMISCP

Founder and Business & Consumer Psychologist

Zana Busby is a Business & Consumer Psychologist, Transformational Coach, Keynote Speaker, and the Founder of Zana B. psychological studio.

Her distinctive approach seamlessly combines business and consumer psychology to drive significant, measurable improvements for individuals and organisations across diverse industries.

Leveraging her qualifications - MSc in Business Psychology, BSc in Psychology, PGDip in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy - Zana skilfully integrates evidence-based insights into human behaviour.

She is a member of The Association for Business Psychology.

When you partner with Zana, expect a dedicated ally committed to your success:

Following her extensive experience in the private sector, Zana provides guidance and support in the areas of organisational health and wellbeing and employee engagement through coaching, training, and consultancy.

Drawing from her knowledge of the human mind and behaviour, Zana equips businesses with invaluable insights into the minds and hearts of their customers, enabling them to forge meaningful connections and achieve sustainable brand success.

With a career spanning 25+ years, Zana has graced the airwaves of BBC radio, appeared as a trusted TV guest psychologist, and been featured in various magazine and newspaper publications.

Leona Apostolova, MSc, GMBPsS

Head of Research & Insights

Leona has experience working with one of the largest multinational advertising and public relations companies, providing expertise in social media marketing for brands across varying industries such as beauty, fashion, retail, travel, food and drink, fitness and beyond!

Having worked with both start-ups and well-established businesses, she's been able to help brands achieve their unique goals and objectives by enhancing their visibility on various social media platforms.

With an MSc in Marketing and a BSc in Psychology under her belt, Leona stands out as a creative thinker, who thrives in writing reports and presenting engaging insights to clients that capitalise on the latest industry trends and consumer behaviour.

She is a member of The British Psychological Society.

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